Matthew Ryder  Corazón

These two characters will make their debut in a comic idea I came up with a few years ago about a team who really, just at heart, don’t care for each other much. While they were hand picked to be on the team, it’s not like there were a lot of choices, or a lot of people willing to do this kind of work. But they share a common goal, of ridding their city of a drug that’s increasingly threatening their citizens. One that may not be of terrestrial origins. In doing so, they’ll be put to the test both physically and emotionally, and maybe even emerging from the ashes more whole than when they went in. We’ll just have to see.

A while ago I learned a how to create a hair brush in Photoshop and, well, I seemed to think everything needed to be painted that way. My particular style, which as you can tell, is heavily influenced by Bruce Timm, can be colored with brush strokes, and Bruce does so many times in his pinups. But that doesn’t mean it should be colored that way each and every time. Truth be told, I’m really appreciating the method animators use and have been using cell shading more and more in recent months. So I repainted Sweet Thang here and even redid her energy effects with a modified calligraphy brush in Photoshop. I really like this new version better, and I’ll shortly post some comparisons I did with the other ladies of Fusion, as well as some new pics of the dudes, whom I’ve never really given the full color treatment to before.

Sweet ThangSweet Thang (1)

…was the grand title I started with back in early 2000, when I got access to my first computer (it was technically my fiance’s and I just…borrowed it a lot) and learned my first few lines of HTML. I had the plan to take the internet by storm. Funny how that worked out. Four geocities accounts, five websites, ten+ social media accounts, one wedding and one 12-year-old girl later and I’m finally getting around to putting some of that grandiose plan together. Funny how grand plan stuff works out.

Due to the nature of my life, I can’t guarantee freshness, regularity, nutritional value or depth of field. What I can promise is it should be a lot of fun. So check by every now and again.